Thursday, August 12, 2010

My New Manifesto

In my previous post, I alluded to a "new direction." It came to me while I was eating lunch. From here forward "Debunking the Myths" will have a shipt in philosophy, while persuing the same goal: to give a defense of the Catholic faith. My new guiding principles are thus:
  1. It is a poor polemic to simply attack the positions of others. Commencing immediately, I will no longer be trollig the internet looking for utterly rediculous claims that even the vast majority of non-Catholics reject. You will no longer see claims from Jack Chick and his ilk. Rather I will be taking a position of the Catholic Church and explaining it to the best of my ability.
  2. Emotion-driven rants are a thing of the past (this point applies to my other blog, Marching Orders as well). My arguments will appeal to the Fathers, the Catechism, Scriptures, and logical reasoning. They will not appeal to "I am ticked off and darn it I am right!"
  3. This site is not a forum for debate. Those seeking to debate the contents of my posts will not be approved. If you want to debate, there are many places this can be done, including Catholic Answers Forums.

By enacting these principles, I hope that this blog will improve, and that both I and my readers can grow spritually from the effort.

Dominus Vobiscum

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  1. I am very refreshed and encouraged to see that learning with the Franciscans actually has an impact in the spiritual context of one's faith. I say spiritual context because we bring ourselves as a gift to Our Lord, when we learn and preach. It's not just the subject matter per se, it's also ourselves.

    It's so much easier to listen to someone's point of view when we don't feel attacked and ridiculed! Really!

    I probably agree with you on most things, I suppose, but if I heard you attack anyone, I would more than likely 'shut off' and go away.

    I'm a cradle Catholic, who seems unable to find fault with anything that I have come across within our Mother Church. Then again, maybe it's the way I see things. However, I need to see the Mercy and the Charity, the Hope and the Love of God as well.

    I enjoy your blog. =D I am also a writer, so I understand the work it takes to do so. Thanks, I appreciate it.